Crop Reports

The Teagasc Crops Report gives up to date disease, pest and growth status of crops as well as recommendations to manage these agronomic issues. This crop report site provides, in tabular format, detailed comparisons of; plant protection products, foliar/soil nutrients and susceptibility of weeds/diseases to plant protection products. Reports carry updates on the new legislative - Sustainable Use Directive of Pesticides/Integrated Pest Management - requirements for pesticide recommendations/application/records.

Reports also provide:

  • Detailed crop nutritonal recommendations
  • Detailed recommendations on the husbandry of forage crops including maize and brassicas, and grassland weed control

Reports are checked to be cross compliant for Pesticide and Nitrates regulations.

The crop report site will contain a number of documents including strategic reference documents, product reference tables, technical reference tables and Crop Report Updates. Crops Report updates will issue every 2-3 weeks during the growing season. Photographs of current developments e.g. images of problems, growth stages etc. are also included in each report.

The Crop Report is compiled by the Tillage Specialist Team in conjunction with researchers in Teagasc.

The Crop Report is offered through the ConnectEd Service and is available to some clients (please contact your advisor). To get further information on ConnectEd please click here or for more information contact


Teagasc crop research is centred in Oak Park Carlow with many trials on commercial farms across the country. Research is lead by a team of researchers with, technical, post-doctorate, post-graduate or under-graduate placements. The research and services complete are to the highest international standard, using state-of-the GPS guided sowing, drone-based plot phenotyping through to controlled temperature (glasshouse and chamber) growth facilities and fully equipped molecular, pathology and tissue culture laboratories.

This agronomic research is combined with existing knowledge to build comprehensive agronomy packages for the Crop Report. All new relevant information from research, generated through the year, is immediately communicated through the Crop Report.

Data Protection

Data Protection is important to us and we fully engage with protecting the fundamental rights of living persons, specifically the right to the protection of one's personal data. Teagasc is committed to upholding Irish and European Union Data Protection laws. Further details on Data Protection are available here.

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