Update Documents

Update No. 11 2023

In this update we discuss drilling of winter cereals and the application of autumn herbicides, weed and disease control in oilseed rape and desiccation strategies for potatoes. Key dates that growers and advisors need to be aware of over the coming months and finally we have the date for the upcoming Enable Conservation Tillage conference which takes place later this year.

Monday 25th September 2023

Update Number 10 2023

In this update we give an update on harvest management as well as advice on drilling winter oilseed rape and catch crops. This update also discusses blight control and desiccation in potatoes.

Thursday 10th August 2023

Update Number 9 2023

With the winter barley harvest having started in many areas this week, this update looks at growing forage crops, catch crops and the nitrate rules that apply after harvest. Also desiccation of oilseed rape as well as blight control in potatoes

Thursday 6th July 2023