Fodder beet

Fodder beet

Updated Friday 10th May 2024
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Description and area

Fodder beet is a high energy forage that can be grazed in situ or harvested, stored and fed to livestock. Dry matter yields in excess of 18t DM/Ha are achievable. Generally low dry matter varieties will have a larger percentage of the root over ground and are suitable for grazing in situ whereas high dry matter 'sugar beet' type varieties will have a higher percentage of the root underground are harvested, and are capable of high dry matter yields per hectare. 

The area of fodder beet has remained relatively stable in recent years at ~10,000ha.  

Table 1: Fodder Beet Area 2018-2023
Year 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Ha 10,981 9,635 9,034 9,231 9,467 9,317


Tillage farmers growing fodder beet should ensure that they have an agreement in place with the end user before sowing takes place. The agreement should outline details on tonnes/hectares to be delivered, quality and payment details. Further information on contract forage agreements is here

Figure 1: Fodder beet is capable of producing high yields of dry matter per ha 



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