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Greening and Crop Diversification

Greening and Crop Diversification

Thursday 18th March 2021
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Crop Diversification rules are in force in full in 2021.

 The Crop Diversification rules were suspended over the past two years due to weather related issues. 

There are no significant changes to the Ecological Focus Area (EFA) rules this year compared to other years.  All applicants who are required to comply with greening have to make the application through the Department of Agriculture on-line system.

The Basic Payment scheme (approx. 70% of the total payment) and Greening (approx. 30% of the total payment) go hand in hand again this year.  Both of these schemes are mandatory to ensure full payment.

Similar to last year all applicants who have to implement Greening measures must submit the application on-line.  A paper application will not be accepted.

Growers should register on-line at www.agfood.ie.  The DAFM website will help growers to calculate Greening requirements and give a clear indication to a grower if they are compliant or not before the application is submitted. This on-line service allows farmers to view previous applications, make an application for 2021, add parcels, adjust maps and view/adjust greening maps.