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Wednesday 7th April 2021
(Updated Thursday 15th April 2021)
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Maize is a high energy forage that is used in dairy and beef enterprises. Much of the maize crop is grown by livestock producers for consumption by their own stock but there is a market for maize produced by crop growers for subsequent sale to livestock producers.

Tillage farmers growing maize should ensure that they have an agreement in place with the end user before sowing takes place. The agreement should outline details on tonnes/hectares to be delivered, quality and payment details. Further information on contract forage agreements is available here

In recent years there has been a large swing to growing covered maize with an estimated 90% of the crop now grown under plastic. This has resulted in more consistent yield with the control yields from the DAFM variety trials (2017-2019) yielding 18.6t of dry matter /ha with a starch content of 23.2% and 38.7% dry matter.

Table 1. Area of maize (ha) 2016 - 2020.
Year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Ha 10819 11793 17311 16225 14740

The Maize Guide is available here