Teagasc Crop Report

Winter Wheat Reference Guide

Winter Wheat Reference Guide

Wednesday 18th December 2019
(Updated Tuesday 26th April 2022)
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Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat

This following section outlines the main tasks involved in growing wheat and maps out the general strategies  for major agronomic decisions.

The area of winter wheat in Ireland has fluctuated around 60,000 hectares in recent years. This area is influenced by planting opportunities in the autumn and grain price. Yields are dependent on the growing season but target yields of 10.5t/ha are achievable. Teagasc eProfit Monitors show that winter wheat is one of the most profitable crops but is more expensive to grow.


To achieve exceptional yields, wheat crops need optimum growing conditions throughout the season to enable strong vegetative growth, ear growth and development and grain filling. Teagasc research indicates that grain number/m² and grain size, had an equal influence on yield. Ear number has the biggest influence on grain number but the crop can compensate to some extent for low ear numbers by increasing grain number per ear and increasing grain size.


Area and yield of winter wheat. 
Source CSO.ie  area and Teagasc Harvest Report estimates

Teagasc Winter Wheat Guide is available here